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EPWIND, is a new patented prototype by for producing alternative energy and enhancing our lifestyle. You can have a virtual “sneak-in” preview by connecting to  at mid day on the coming 22 May 2010.

EPWIND is a system originating from the research conduced by aiming at the reduction of the environmental impact of vehicles and buildings. The system is actually an aerogenerator that permits us to revolutionize the way we travel and live in personal spaces.
Limiting the emission of toxins into the air compared to normal generators by using alternative sources of energy to feed hybrid cars and buildings, EPWIND protects and saves our well-being and respects the environment, rendering our usual daily activities – which we cannot do without- much more simpler, for example; driving and commuting by car, warming and switching on lights in one’s home.

In contemporary times, dictated by the continuous search for the maximum of everything such as performance and efficiency and also where safeguarding the environment from the inside is becoming a perquisite for the development of global socio-economy, the thought of “doing” interconnects with “living”, both are integrated in the consciousness that action and evolution should orientate towards the search of total well-being that preserves the world from destruction.

In a nutshell, everything revolves around the need of giving a future to ourselves and to our off-springs, ensuring; a good life, safeguarding the environment, taking always into consideration the importance of involvement and giving way to the needs of the contemporary world.
After many unconditional development projects where the golden rule was making profit, a new era has come to life where incrementing productivity follows a different logic and that is respecting the environment and safeguarding the ecosystem.

It has been a while since development has been transformed in industrial countries to more a productive "green" philosophy, which nourishes the search for doing better in terms of quality and quantity.
We find with a new idea for sustainable development day-after-day reflecting on the existence of a balance between technological development, well-being and environmental security.

EPWING, embodied perfectly this new philosophy which will be presented as a true and solid innovation to whoever desires to live respecting the environment and others.

On Saturday, 22 May 2010 at mid day it will be possible to participate at the launch of EPWIND. There is no need for pre-registrations, tickets, nor any particular stunts, you just need to connect to   and follow the instructions and participate in the Eco-technological event. will bid you a warm virtual welcoming accompanied by the revelation of the new aerogenerator and its genuine progressive idea.

EPWIND – Patent Pending

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